Northflats Guiding Galleries

“Welcome to the Northflats Guiding photo gallery”. This collection of images comes from the experiences and journies we and clients have shared over the years. Not all the images are fishing, but they are images captured while on fishing excursions. These images illustrate the diversity of life and capture moments that one may only experience while on fishing trips, weather in our own back yard or on a trip halfway around the world. fishing is expieriential and one never knows what each trip or hour will bring. This is just a small sampling of the possibilities one can experience with catch & release saltwater fly fishing. The photos are categorized by fish species and location in some instances, some you’re familiar with, others maybe not. Some of the species are less abundant than others due to climate changes, fishery management and behaivior. Send me an email if you have questions about anything you see, as I’m always happy to talk about fish, characteristics of specific species and the environmental impact on there ranges and what’s happening with them.”


Fish Species