Duration: 4 Days & 5 Nights
Location: Campeche, Mexico
Price: $2,600
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Campeche Mexico situated on the western coastline of the Yucatan peninsula boasts arguably the best juvenile tarpon fishery in North America.

With a National Park stretching over 100 miles to the south, countless rivers coves, and thousands of hectors of mangrove covered coastline. It’s not a wonder that Campeche Mexico is a tarpon factory; Anglers can have days where jumping 20 or more tarpon is possible.

Campeche tarpon range in size from 5-60 pounds depending on the time of year and weather.

Most of the time only an 8 weight rod is necessary, but pack a 10 because you never know what can show up.

Generally 3-4 day trips are recommended.

Campeche is easily accessible with many flight options. The average cost of a trip not including airfare, dinner and tips is approximately $2700 per person double occupancy. Transfers to and from airports are included. As with any fishing trip pack appropriately.

Bring glasses sunblock hats rain jacket your fly rod and reel of choice and plenty of tarpon flies.

Enjoy a truly remote experience with all the creature comforts the town of Campeche has to offer.

And if you want to spend a day off the water just outside the town of Campeche the Yucatan has the largest Mayan ruins in Mexico.