David Blinken owner and guide has taken the time to observe the environment in which he guides, and he sees things that others might not, this ability is what separates him from the pack. His clients benefit from this, which allows David to provide them with an experience that they can take home and remember until their next trip.

DSC_0383North flats began as an idea in David’s discussions with friends, “why get trapped in an office” they used to tell him, you need to explore and make your passion your business.

Davids’s passion and desire are what allows him to give people a lasting and fun experience that not only connects them with fish but to the environment in which they live. This not only gives his clients a better understanding of where to find the fish but also a better appreciation of their environment and how to preserve the very thing they love, flyfishing

There is not just great fishing to experience but a passion that brings people together, which is why people keep coming back year after year.

B11-587-Abaco-When one wants to fish for striped bass, bluefish and false albacore people think of fishing the east end of long island, and Davids’s name has become synonymous with that.

Not only does David fish on Long Island, NY, but he also leads trips to the Bahamas Acklinds Island where there are endless wade fishing opportunities for bonefish. Typically, one can take a boat ride to a flat, get out and not return to the boat for three hours or more.

DSC_0026Trips to Belize’s Belcampo Lodge with its wide variety of fishing opportunities plush accommodations, renowned service, and non-fishing excursions make couples want to return year after year.
If its a private trip you want David can arrange for you to fish with him not just on Long Island, but on Marthas Vinyard, a place where David spent time growing up honing his fishing skills and his love and passion for the sport.

David is on the board of SavingSpecies.org works with Trout Unlimited PEW charitable trusts in fisheries management issues.

David Works with Project healing waters.

David has been written about in books and magazines and has contributed to books on fly-tying stories about guides and has had numerous photographs published.

Capitan David Blinken holding a Bluefish