Salt Water Fly Fishing in Long Island, NY

This is home. This is the heart and inspiration of North Flats Guiding and you’ll understand why after one trip.

Meeting at the boat ramp or a dock and understanding that fishing in the relaxed atmosphere of the bays and ocean waters around the Hamptons are where are roots are.

Bass prowl all the waters around here, bluefish on their rampaging feeding frenzies and albies zipping around is what brings you in the door, but thats not all. the diversity of life here is spectacular and the fishing is even better.

Spring-Summer: Sight fishing the shoals and estuaries of the East End for striped bass and bluefish in

Fall: When the fall migration is underway there is no other place you want to be but Montauk and the surrounding waters. The Montauk slam is what anglers aspire to. Catching false albacore, striped bass and the tenacious bluefish all in one day.

You will be greeted at any number of spots around the East Hampton Montauk area depending on where the greatest number of fish are.

Equipment and drinks (non-alcoholic) are included.


What to Bring:

Polarized glasses


Sun block

Rain gear

Proper deck shoes


Rods and flies if you like

9ft 7-10 wt rods floating and intermediate lines depending on species.

Note: on cool days dress in layers