The first thing one sees when going to the Bahamas is the water, as you fly over the Atlantic crossing over the Bahamas bank the water shallows and the color changes from a deep dark blue to hues of blue, turquoise and green.

The color grab you and pulls you in, the excitement builds because you know soon you will be fishing that beautiful colored water for spooky fast swimming fish.

Grey’s Point on Acklinds Island is owned and opperated by a local Bahamin family the Williamsons who treat you like family.

Daily routines are simple.

Upon arrival around 11am unpack eat a light lunch and if you like there is DYI fishing for bones around the lodge.

Canoes and kayaks are also available to access flats further away.

Each day in the morning at 6:30 coffee, tea is served in the commom dining hall and a Bahamas breakfast is provided of fruit, yogurt, eggs grits sausages toast pancakes and bacon is served depending on the day.

Depart the lodge by 7:30 and arrive on the first flat around  8:30.

Lunch on the fly or in the boat some time between 12 and 1

Fishing is usually over between 4-5pm

Back at the lodge before dinner freshen up snack on conch fritters and drinks.

Dinner by 6:30-7 steamed fish cracked conch chicken and lobster stew are some of the local delights.

After dinner some choose to play pool, tie flies and play cards

Then, wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Things you need to know before going to the Bahamas.

Bring Passport

rods/reels 9ft 7-10 wt rods floating and intermediate lines depending on species.

2pr of polarized glasses

sun block


cloths/fishing attire/shoes/rain gear

fly selection;  bonfish and permit.

bring any medical stuff you need nothing available out there

wifi yes

laundry yes


Bug repellant if needed

weight restrictions 50 pounds or be prepared to pay extra.

Fishing packages start from $3200. 6 days of fishing and 7 nights.

All meals and guiding services included.

Not included; overnight in Nassau all airfare